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  1. Purchasing American-made products is a great way to support our nation while enjoying the fine materials designed here. Many products are imported throughout the country, but it is time to support fellow Americans by shopping right here in the good old USA. Businesses both large and small have recently been leaning toward products made here at home.

    ABC News has been very busy with a new series with this very theme as “Made in America,” “World News with Diane Sawyer” jumped fully into demonstrating the advantages of purchasing American-made products. With excitement they filled a home with products only made here in America and invited virtual tours so that others may see the great advantages of doing the same1.

    There is also a documentary titled “American Made Movie,” focusing on the manufacturing industry in the United States2. The brain child of two filmmakers, Vincent Vittorio and Nathaniel Thomas McGill, wanting to incite interest in American-made manufacturing, they visit 15 plants producing American-made products all over the country. When it comes to producing and sustaining American jobs, it is clear that performing services for fellow Americans is often more advantageous to that end than manufacturing products to be sold in both America and other countries. To put it simply, when we purchase goods from one another we grow and strengthen the economy of our nation.

    It is for this reason the Campos Family Star Internet Marketing Company chooses to market products made only in the United States. It is important to our family that we support all American companies and work to sell American-made products. Trends are heading to that end in other companies as USA Today recently reported on Wal-Mart stores leading an effort to bring about more manufacturing jobs to America3. Although a good thing, our little company has had a heart for all American products from the very start.

    Supporting American businesses helps our whole nation grow and prosper, and it is wonderful to do so when shopping with small companies. Many “Mom & Pop shops” are supporting their families when selling their products, not just big corporate businesses, but individual families. With care and personal commitment, Americans manufacturing products for fellow Americans is simply the right thing to be a part of—that’s why we only sell products made or crafted here in the United States of America.

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