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Budgeted Luxury in the Bathroom

Is it time to re-decorate your bathroom? Are your fixtures outdated? Have the floor tile, cabinets, and hardware seen better days just like your bank account? Most people think they do not have the financial wherewithal to update their bathrooms to add touches of luxury and style. Assuming it cannot be done, a bathroom is often left the way it is. Luckily, luxury is not necessarily synonymous with having to spend exorbitant amounts of money. You can achieve a luxury bathroom and stay within a budget. What you will need instead of loads of cash is a practical outlook and lots of creativity.

First, you should determine how much you can afford to spend on your new bathroom. This will help you narrow down what you can afford to replace, what you can afford to splurge on, and what would be financially imprudent to bother with. Shopping around is very important when determining what can fit into your budget and what cannot. This way you will be able to assess what is feasible for your budget. Compare prices with major retailers but do not neglect the small business owners but they are more apt to negotiate prices on bigger pieces. If you are doing a complete renovation, get estimates from different general contractors. Talk to your neighbors to get recommendations. In the event that you have a modest budget there are small things you can do in order to get a more luxurious bathroom.

Lighting in a bathroom is a great way to add value. If your budget will not allow for you to carve out a window, to make way for natural light, consider skylights instead. They are a great cost-effective way to lighten up any room. There are also many manufacturers that offer trendy, contemporary, modern, even classical lighting fixtures and for nominal costs.

Another great way to give a luxurious feel to a bathroom is by simply changing out the bathroom faucets. Many homeowners still maintain the standard builder issue faucets that were in place when they purchased their homes and are unaware that by making this inexpensive upgrade they can completely change the look of their bathroom sink even if they do not necessarily have the budget to replace the sink or counter-tops. Another hardware upgrade that can add a bit of style to your bathroom and for a conservative cost is the shower-head. While you may or may not be able to rip out your shower tile and replace it with a spa-inspired stone or some other trendy but costly tile you can replace the standard shower-head and there are many varieties to choose from such as, massaging, hand-held, rainfall, dual-head, or multi-jet. This is a do-it-yourself type of project that can completely elevate your shower experience.

There are other things you can do to get a luxury bathroom on a budget. A tip to follow throughout is to pay attention to the small details. Try accessorizing by changing the hardware on the cabinets to something more modern and streamlined. This can add an opulent touch to any bathroom for a relatively small amount of money.

Overall, creating luxury on a budget may seem intimidating, but it is certainly not impossible. Take inventory of where you can and cannot afford to make changes, and where you can't-make the small touches really count!

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Heather Mitchell is a featured writer for the boutique e-commerce sites UniqueVanities and its sister sites UniqueMirrorsOnline, UniqueBathVanities, and UniqueLightFixture. The cores values at work for these companies are based around a World Class Client Experience. So not only will you find one-of-a-kind bathroom furniture, but you can feel comfortable allowing us to earn your business--becuase our business model revolves around making sure you are satisfied!

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