Frequently Asked Questions
Check Our Designs!

Check Our Designs!

How long, from the time I place my order, until I receive my product? We place orders daily, often more than once per day, as soon as funds have been cleared your product will be on it's way, usually within 72 hours. If paying by credit card, our funds processor will verify funds and secure payment almost immediately, which frees us up to get your product headed to your front door! We ask customers to allow two weeks for orders to arrive, but most arrive within seven to ten days. We ship only within the United States.

You charge no shipping & handling fees, does that mean you'll be shipping with the slowest method possible? Absolutely NOT! There will be instances when we may near no profit at all because of fluctuating shipping expenses, but we always do our best to choose the most efficient available method to get items happily into our customer's hands. Our preferred choice is UPS, but additional days are necessary for picking and packing the product.

I do not see overnight or any other expedited shipping offered in the shopping cart. How do I request expedited shipping? If you would like expedited shipping, please email us at customerservice@allamericanwroughtiron.com with "SHIPPING" in the subject line and include a list of the items you wish to purchase. As shipping fees can vary greatly between shippers, and even over given days with rate adjustments, we will check available options at the time of your order and get back with you with options before finalizing your order. Please understand that any expedited shipping will only speed the shipping process, the picking of the product still requires 48 to 72 hours. Our experience is that our normal shipping methods get our product to our customers in a timely manner without the additional expense of expedited shipping.

What do I do if I am unhappy with my purchase or if it is damaged or defective? Contact Customer Service at customerservice@allamericanwroughtiron.com as soon as possible, within ten days of delivery is required for any possibility of refund or exchange with our warehouse. We want happy customers, but you MUST contact us within ten days, so that we may obtain return codes. Product shipped back to our warehouse will not be accepted without the proper steps being taken. Begin those steps by contacting customer service. Our preferred method of communication is email because it insures a concrete record of all correspondence, protecting us and our customers.

Exactly what is your Customer Satisfaction Guarantee?  If you are not happy, contact us within ten days of receipt of the item so that we can make you happy. If we can't make you happy with an exchange, we will refund your product purchase minus shipping fees upon receipt of the merchandise, and you will be responsible for return shipping fees. If you find you are unhappy later after enjoying our products for a time, we still encourage you to email us and let us know. If a manufacturer's defect or other unforeseen quality problem outside of normal use is the cause, we want to know so we can consider removing the product from our inventory. If a product is defective, we will fully refund your product purchase and shipping fees, but if you simply change your mind about your purchase, we have to subtract initial shipping fees from your refund. We keep our prices lower than competitors and offer free shipping, so we are unable to absorb those shipping costs for returns. BUT, if your total product purchase is $100 or more, we will fully refund your cost if you have to return, including shipping fees. Please contact us, our goal is to make you happy!!

Shop with confidence, your satisfaction is Guaranteed at www.AllAmericanWroughtIron.com!

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