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Preschool Activities for Homeschool Groups E-Book Y2T1

Preschool Activities for Homeschool Groups E-Book Y2T1

Preschool Activities for Homeschool Groups E-Book Y2T1
Insights on using our E-Book with Classical Conversations Nursery Coordination.Options for Homeschool groups to use our E-Book
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Preschool Activities for Homeschool Groups is an E-Book in PDF format, 49 pages in length. Designed for 12 weeks of One-day activities for Preschool/Nursery Coordinators and caregivers of the youngest children in families using homeschool co-ops, activity groups, Classical Conversations programs, and more in the homeschool community. Preschool Activities for Homeschool Groups E-Book  provides several activities to be used while older siblings are attending weekly homeschool community meetings. Activities are designed around a few of the topics for CC Cycle Two, Semester One, programs so that older siblings may notice the completed activities and talk about all they are learning. We've included common preschool topic material and this E-Book will blend into any homeschool group environment.

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Preschool Activities for Homeschool Groups E-Book is not just for CC users as it includes simple topics all preschoolers should be learning about and will help young children become excited about learning! Once all nine E-Books are completed our line will include activities for three full years of 36 week school years for one day filled with activities, or one week of one activity per day with one day of review.

E-Book includes 12 weeks of activities designed for a single day of active learning, but may be spread over one week easily!

12 days for 12 weeks, each day includes:
  • 2 Art activities
  • Suggested Topic to talk about* 
  • 2 Number activities
*You will need to educate yourself about the topic to be able to tell the kids about some topics.

Each Trimester E-Book includes:
  • Song suggestions
  • Back-up Snack ideas
  • Suggested Schedules
  • "In a Pinch" Activity suggestions to be kept handy

This is a download delivered after request. This is NOT a physical book and will not result in a physical delivery of a product--it is an E-Book to be downloaded by the requestor. E-BOOK WILL BE DELIVERED TO PROVIDED EMAIL ADDRESS WITHIN MOMENTS, guaranteed delivery within 24 hours.
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