Check Our Designs!

Check Our Designs!

Metal Switch Plate Covers Offer Unlimited Designs and Durability

When decorating an interior space, it is often the smallest details that can transform a room from being simply average to exceptional. This is especially true as it applies to light switch covers. More than just functional pieces used for hiding the hole and wires around a switchbox, they are something in any room that draws attention. They are most often located near a door in plain view and surround switches that are used on a frequent basis. By integrating metal switch plate covers into the overall decor, any room can come more alive through their unique details and added depth.

Metal provides an array of texture and design patterns that cannot be matched by other materials. From pure gold to plain iron, every type of metal can be used to create unique switch plates that can both match and accent room decors ranging from industrial to Victorian. All metals can be brushed, polished, molded or textured in an unlimited numbers of ways, which allows for design patterns that are limited only by the imagination. Whether the metal is brushed nickel, pewter, polished brass, copper or iron there are compatible of switch plates available to match any theme, color or pattern.

Aside from the unlimited design possibilities, metal also has a distinct difference from plastic or ceramic switch plates due to its durability. Metal is very difficult to crack, chip or scratch. This is why metal plates are used for commercial and industrial settings. Although most people do not stop to think about it, an average light switch may be used thousands of times a year. Only metal has the strength to stand up to that level of use without showing major wear and tear. Over the long run, this can save money because almost all metal plates have the potential to last a lifetime or beyond.

Based upon either their unique designs or their durability, metal switch plates are a wise choice for any room or setting. They are available for both toggle and rocker style switches in configurations that range up to five switches horizontally on one plate. Regardless of the surrounding decor or the hole configuration, there is a metal switch plate to match. Even the most unique design can now be custom ordered. When all things are considered, these are a lifetime investment that can bring any room alive in ways that will make people take notice.

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